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Hey Teach! 
Sunday, October 14, 2007, 15:48 - Stuff
Posted by Administrator
Everybody has their favorite teachers from years past. Mine was Mr House, my 5th grade teacher - Class of '80.
Even though I'm 38 years old, he's still 'Mr House' to me. I guess that shows the (well deserved) respect we have for teachers in our society. If I got everything done on time he'd let me watch him feed a live mouse :shock: to Snakey Jake! :P Mr House made learning fascinating, cool, something I looked forward to. Ok, I still have trouble spelling my own name... :? I was able to find his email addy a few weeks ago and we've exchanged a few messages. He is still teaching 5th grade in Poway. Gotta love the internet! :D

Hmmm... whatever happened to Mr Pine, my old music teacher?

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