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  • 2010
    • September
    • March
      • Capturing a swarm
        Turn up your volume first.

        It would have been perfect if I didn't forget to get a hive lid out of my truck. I borrowed a company lid from a nearby stack.

      • Throwing a swarm
        This morning at work I witnessed a colony throwing a swarm. They decided they were overcrowded, so half of the bees decided to leave with a new queen. It's hard to see because of the position of the sun, but the bees were flowing out like water. This is a very rare thing to see happen, like a p

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      • King Snake

        Found a King Snake today. Non poisonous, so it kept it's head.

      • My bees
        I have the camera set up again.

    • July
      • Bee Swarm

        I tried to shake the cluster out over my head. It was too low in the tree for me to do that. My co-beek Alfredo almost took off his veil in the middle of it.

    • June
      • Dispatching the rattler

      • Alfredo goofing off
        This is what it's like moving bees during the day, except that normally you don't take off your veil. The bees were trying to rob the honey under the netting. Saturnino took the video with his cell phone.

      • Rattlesnake

        I killed a rattler in one of our apiaries today

    • March
    • February
      • King of the Hive

        Left home in Wednesday's pre-dawn hours, got home about 2230 Saturday. We worked from dawn to dusk to deliver, evaluate, switch & feed 3000 colonies.

        This is the last 8 colonies to be worked before we head home.

      • 'Bekah

      • Facebook
        Sorry about the lack of postings here. I got turned on to Facebook, and have been spending most of my computer time there.

  • 2008
    • December
      • Awesome T-shirt

        I'm speechless...

      • Farmer Bees Christmas Dinner 2008
        sorry about the picture quality, it was dark & I used a camera phone

        We had our Christmas dinner tonight at Mi Guadalajara in Escondido. It's a nice restaurant with great food. Had a great time talking and joking around. We actually had conversations that didn't involve bees

      • Bee Bread

        This is how we make the pollen substitute to feed the bees. On the left you can see the finished pallets loaded with the mixture. The round cylinders are 55 Lb (25 Kg) containers of pollen. To the right of them are the pallets of soy flour & brewers yeast. Hermilindo is filling 5 gallon bu

      • Dad's cancer
        I post a lot of funny stuff, work related pics, family pics & anything else I find interesting here.

        This isn't one of those posts.

        Several months ago my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Out of 13 samples taken during the biopsy, only one showed any cancer. They

      • Realization
        My bro Charley & sis (in-law) Brooke recently turned me on to Facebook. It's a site I've heard of, but never looked at till now. It has allowed me to reconnect with several old friends over the last few days.

        I've been going through a bunch of pictures on my computer an

      • Had a little problem at the office

        We were mixing batches of pollen today when an air pocket in the sticky, sloppy junk popped on me. I got a face full.

      • I thought you checked the fuel!
        I was eating lunch at work today when suddenly I heard a small plane flying at full throttle. Then it stopped. :shock: Then it started again. Then after a few seconds, it died, again. It would run for 2-3 seconds, then die for 5-6. I was trying to find the plane while this went on about a half dozen

    • November
      • My day off

        Spent some quality time laying tile at my brother Larry's house. As much as I tried to forget that I knew how to lay tile, I still got sucked in.

      • Breakfast time
        We keep a cat at the honey house to help control rats & mice. So far it's survived without becoming coyote bait, this is a smart cat.

        When I walked in this morning I noticed she was eating something. This was strange, as her food dish is on the other side of the building. A close

      • Naked Beekeeping

        Sorry about not posting for a while. I've been having some serious problems getting online. :evil: It looks like I've engineered a solution. :D

      • Feeding bees
        Now that I'm able to get back online, I've got a lot of stuff to post.

        It's late in the season and the nectar flow has ended. The bees, especially because the colonies are concentrated in apiaries, can not forage enough food to keep the colony alive. As a result we mu

      • Robbing

        This colony is being robbed. Bees from other colonies are trying to find any way possible to get in and steal the honey they smell inside. You can see dead bees littering the ground around the hive.

        It's not always clear what causes bee's robbing instinct to kick in, but o

      • New Rebekah & Samantha Pictures
        I can never have too many pictures of my nieces. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

      • Abscond

        Bees are very hygienic creatures. The inside of a beehive is one of the most sterile environments to be found in nature. When conditions are such that the bees are unable to keep their hive clean, the colony will sometimes abscond from the hive.

        This is a colony from a bee yard (or

      • Mean Colony

        The vast majority of bee colonies are pretty docile most of the time. Occasionally we run into a colony that has become aggressive. :shock: When we find one of these mean colonies we mark it with a big M so the other guys will know to treat it with special care. Some beekeepers add a little ex

    • September
      • All Done
        Just as the temperatures were becoming bearable, we moved the last of our bees out of The Valley. It was an education in how not to get stung up. Bees navigate by the sun. At night, when they can't see the sun, they get very aggressive. Bees are moved at night because that is when the field bee

      • I thought it was a dog...
        The last three days were spent feeding bees with sugar syrup around the county. Today we stopped for lunch under a shady tree in an avocado grove in Valley Center. About the time we were getting back to work I looked up and saw what looked like a medium-sized dog walking towards me. It was about 100

    • August
      • Frames
        In most hives there are 9 frames in the shallow, 8 frames & a feeder (a container for sugar syrup) in the deep. This is Hermilindo inspecting a frame from one of our colonies in Poway (where I grew up! :mrgreen:).

        At the top right you can see where the honey is capped. The cells are f

      • Bee Fog
        Sometimes the bees get so thick it's kinda like a fog. Usually when they are robbing, stealing honey from another colony. The bees are completely ignoring us, all they want is the honey.

        This picture is my foreman Jose. He's been working bees for about 18 years. He's standi

      • Bee Yard
        This is a typical bee yard in (cue up ominous music) The Valley, (California's Imperial Valley, 100 - 115 temps, high humidity, no breeze). 15 pallets with 4 colonies each. We have about 2000 colonies in The Valley. We spent Wednesday - Friday for the last two weeks in The Valley feeding &

      • New living room
        When everything I owned was boxed up and thrown into storage a few years ago, my soft furniture was junked. It was pretty beat up & not worth storing. While talking with my former boss at church this morning I mentioned that I didn't have a couch. The former tenant at the building he owns w

    • July
      • Home Sweet Home
        I'm living in the middle of a huge avocado grove. Squirrels everywhere. Quiet, safe, nice neighbors, great landlord. Couldn't ask for more!

        I'm renting the first floor of a three story house. It's built into the side of a mountain. My place is essentially a large one-b

      • Radio Station KI6FCI
        I kinda carefully brought up the subject of installing an antenna this afternoon. My landlord, Karen, was totally cool with it! :mrgreen: I don't know exactly where I'll set it up on the property, but I'll make sure it doesn't block any windows.

        I have my Operating Pos

      • Bee Cool
        OK, it's been a long time since I posted. Sorry. I've been busy moving into me new home, buying a new car & learning my new job. Whew!

        If you haven't figured it out, I'm a beekeeper now. Monday & Tuesday I was out in the field pulling honey, which is when you r

    • June
    • May
      • Reminds me of high school...

        Check this out: INDEXED

      • Guard Duty
        The way my church's building is set up, there are separate entrances for the main building and the part of the building used for the children's classrooms. Not the best set up, but it was an existing building and that's how it worked out. While it hasn't been a problem in the pas

      • Lunch time

        We had our monthly SoCal WidowNet lunch get together today. WidowNet is an online support group for widows & widowers. We met at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Good food, great friends. 8)

      • I wonder where the hose is?

      • All good things must come to an end...
        You may have noticed that the truck cam has been down for a while. Sorry, it will be down indefinitely.

        I am no longer a OTR truck driver.

        Feels like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It was a lot of fun for 2 1/2 years, the experiences were incredible, but bein

      • I'm going home
        This says it pretty well.

        Turn up your volume

      • Good stuff
        My truck is still stuck in Fontucky, my co-driver jumped ship, and my cell phone is on the fritz. Not too worried about it. Changes are afoot. Can't talk about it yet, but it's all good.

    • April
      • Nine years
        It's been 9 years today. I still think about Jennifer every day. She made me a better person. It doesn't hurt the way it used to, but it still hurts. Some things you just can't change, dead is dead.

      • Stuck in Fontucky
        Maintenance took my truck hostage yesterday, doing a PM & fixing this & that. The new front shocks are nice. My co-driver hasn't shown up yet, should have been here yesterday morning, looks like he abandoned ship. Just ran some city work today. If he's not here in the morning, I�

      • Back to work
        Samantha fell asleep in my arms today. It's going to be tough to drive away from that. Unfortunately, I have to. It's part of being a trucker.

        I have to be at work Monday morning. I'm heading back Sunday afternoon to get the truck serviced, and get a good nights sleep befor

      • Easter Bonnet

      • Samantha

        My newest niece
        7 Lbs, 3 Oz
        20 Inches
        8:13 AM

      • Goldfish

        After almost 7 weeks I finally made it home.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

        Miss Rebekah loves her Goldfish. Her shirt, from her Uncle Drew, says: 'I'm the little niece of a U.S. soldier'

        Her little sis Samantha is due to be born tomorrow morning. I can't

      • WidowNet SoCal GTG

        As many of you know, I'm a member of WidowNet, an online support group for widows & widowers. Once a month a group of us have a lunch GTG (Get ToGether) in SoCal. I was finally able to make it again. We've been doing this in SoCal since January 2000.

      • Random Dilbert Entry

      • Firefox & Thunderbird
        I knew this day was coming. If you can believe it, I was still using Netscape Navigator 7.2 for most of my internet browsing & as my email client. Compared to IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) Navigator was much more stable, fault tolerant and had a cleaner & easier to use interface. Navigato

      • Homeward Bound (almost)
        Impatiently waiting for my next load. One more load to get me to Fontana, then I GO HOME!

        It's been almost 7 weeks this time. Had to schedule it so I could be home when my niece Samantha is going to be born! :mrgreen:8):mrgreen:

      • I drink your milkshake!!
        If you haven't seen the movie There Will Be Blood, you're missing something good! :) Very few movies can get away with going 14 minutes before the first line of dialog is said. You have to watch it a few times to catch all the details.

        Sitting in Nogales, AZ. Got here about 0315

      • Differed Maintenance

      • Bartucky
        Sitting in Barstow, CA right now. It's where we are switching drivers. Our load can't deliver before 0800 tomorrow morning, so we're sitting here so I don't start my '14 hour clock' and get my hours messed up.

        If you are on, I'm tws1969. 8)
      • Good grief!!
        Fueled up in Birmingham last night.



      • Hard work

        If you try really hard, you can jacknife a U-Haul trailer on a dry road! :roll:

      • Hang up

        I didn't take this one.

      • 5 best things to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk:
        5. "They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen."

        4. "This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time Management course you sent me to."

        3. "Whew! Guess I left the top off the Whiteout. You probably got here just in time."
      • Headset
        Currently I'm laid over in Orlando, FL, waiting for a load out. That wouldn't be so bad, except that there is a AES (Amateur Electronic Supply) in Orlando. It is easily & legally truck accessible. :o 8) :shock: (good when you need something, bad for my wallet!)

        I am now the

      • I'm not making this stuff up

        I took this one in Conway, Arkansas.

      • Maybe I'll skip that exit...

        I-17 between Phoenix & Flagstaff

      • Cell Phone Safety

        This was automatically translated by Google from the original Portuguese news story, then I cleaned it up some to make it readable.
        Sao Paulo, Brazil.
        Much has been spoken of the risks involving the use of mobile phones at gas stations. Here, the situation was even more serious becau

      • Getting closer
        Less than 2 weeks now before I get to go home!
        I'll be home for a week starting April 19th. That's just a few days short of 7 weeks out this time. :shock:

        I'm picking up an air freight load for Orlando, FL now. Maybe I can take a sw

      • How cardiologists pay for their vacations...

      • Sunrise

        Columbia River in Oregon

      • got gas?

        Think it's expensive to fill up your car? :shock::shock:

      • Complacent
        You can't let your guard down against the weather yet. Winter is still hanging on by it's fingertips. We are in the twilight zone between winter & spring where temperatures rise above freezing during the day and drop below at night. This causes the snow to melt during the day, and re-f

      • Mr Bill

        Are you old enough to remember this?

      • The Imperial March

        This would make a great ringtone if it was available. It's not, I've looked.
        Too bad the guy's camcorder didn't pick up the basses any better.

    • March
      • Cilantro?
        Found this site:

        There are three groups of people in the world: most people like cilantro, another group can't stand it, and my group can't taste it.

        Until a few years ago, I didn't even realize that parsley & cilantro (coriander) actually h

      • Ummmm....Nobody saw that....
        Sunday morning I was dropping a load of air freight at Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky International Airport. I didn't realize that I had to take a ramp on my right to make the left turn off the main road. It was 0300 in the morning. That's the only way I got away with it. :P I ended up hav

      • Light Load
        Loads under about 20,000 Lbs are considered light. They usually make driving easier, unless you run into snow or ice where more weight gives you more traction, or high winds where it will keep you upright. :shock:

        Some loads cube out (completely fill the trailer), some loads weigh out (re

      • How many 5-year-olds could you take in a fight?

      • Tennessee Drive-By GTG

        Had a Drive-By GTG with Ruth (RL42) & Bobby from WidowNet.
        A drive-By GTG (Get ToGether) is always a spur of the moment thing, as I rarely know when or where I'll be. This one was almost by accident! WidowNet is an online support gr

      • Finders Keepers

        This is a T shirt from BustedTees.

      • The Law of Unintended Consequences
        After I changed to the new camera software and set the upload rate to the maximum the connection would allow, some people emailed me that they were only getting partial images. I guess I was sending them faster than their connection could download them. I've changed the upload rate to once ever

      • Tie It Down
        Laid over in Fresno. My next load picks up at 2300 tonight in Commerce, CA and heads out to Mechanicsburg, PA.

        Picture from Europe. Didn't secure his load properly.

      • Alligator Tail
        Driving through California's central valley this morning, things got interesting. A few motorists waved at me and pointed at the trailer to let me know I had a flat. I didn't see any rubber flying in the mirror, and it wasn't far, so I slowed down a little and waited for the next truc

      • Blue Nuts & Bullet Holes
        They're back!! :mrgreen:8)8):mrgreen:

        The blue lug nut covers were really hard to find.
        I only put them on the front axle, you can't really see them on the drives.

      • I think I'll take that exit

        I-27 in Texas

      • Fixed?
        I think I fixed the overheating issue on the secondary laptop, the one that is supposed to be running the truck cam. Opened it up and cleaned a lot of dust out & modified a few of the bottom vents for better air flow. Now I'm going to see if I can run the new Digi-Watcher software on it and

      • BUSY!!
        I'm trying out some new software for the camera. It will update the image as fast as the connection speed will allow. 8)8)

        I know I have some email I should reply to, gotta give me a few days, they've been keeping us super busy. That means lots of money! :mrgreen::mrgreen: Tonig

      • NASA prefers "Weightless Wonder"
        Vomit Comet

        Who says engineers don't have a sense of humor? :P

      • Hot Stuff
        There is a major upgrade to the camera in thr works. 8) Just need to fix the overheating problem. Every time I start the cam, the computer shuts itself off in about 10 min. :evil:

      • Fan Club
        I don't consider myself a 'fan' of very many musicians. There are a few exceptions, Genesis, Jars of Clay, Alan Jackson, Jethro Tull, Don Williams. These are people & groups who I have enough respect for to buy their new release 'sight-unseen', knowing from past experien

      • Bullet Holes
        It wasn't easy, but I found a website where I could order the fake bullet hole stickers I had on 5306. 6718 is now (fake) shot up with 38 caliber bullet holes! 8) You know, it's kinda cool to see a mini-van full of kids drive by pointing & laughing. :P8):P

      • QSO
        Joined in on a QSO (contact) last night while I was driving through Nebraska between Florida, Washington, and Tennessee on 80 meters. If I'm not in a QSO on another frequency, I'll be monitoring 3838 kHz.

      • Moose

        Barbara Bush emailed me this.

      • Changes
        Got a message on the Qualcomm yesterday saying that my dispatcher, Jake, was 'no longer with the company' :shock: Didn't say why. Bummer. Jake was a good dispatcher and a stand up guy. I really enjoyed working with him.

        My new dispatcher is Kate. She's been with CRST 7

      • Ransacked
        The blog's been a little slow, it's been a long week. In the game Yahtzee you put 5 dice in a cup, shake it up & dump them out. That's what the inside of my truck looked like when I got to the yard Sunday night. :evil:

        At first I thought I'd been robbed :shock: unt

      • Crosswind

    • February
      • Wed night

        Bekah likes reading the bible. (good thing she can read upside down)

        Dad, you have this set up all wrong!

      • First QSO It works!!
        Just had my first HF (actually MF)QSO (on-air conversation) with Dan WB6FWS.

        This is the configuration for my mobile station for now. My Kenwood TM-D700A is mounted on the left. My brand new Kenwood TS-480HX is on the right. In the middle is a Keyspan 4 port serial-to-USB adaptor. On top

      • New Radio!!
        I finally got my new ham radio working. :mrgreen::mrgreen: It and all it's accessories are mounted on a piece of 1/4" Plexiglas. This allows me to properly mount & secure everything, while still making it all easily removable from the truck when I go home. The Plexiglas mounts on 6 stu

      • Time flies
        Ever since he was in diapers Luke has been my little buddy. Kinda like The Skipper & Gilligan. He used to fall asleep riding around on my shoulders at church. We don't talk too often now, as he's off in college up in Portland. I found out today that he's getting married!

      • Hold the beans
        Heading down to Rancho Cucamonga with 43,419 Lbs :shock: of Wendy's Chili Base. I get Wendy's chili all the time, I had some yesterday. They wouldn't miss a few cans.... :wink:

        Had to chain up this morning to get through Donner Pass. Wasn't as bad as last time. We were

      • Not A Happy Camper
        Fresno, CA

      • Growing Pains
        I had to upgrade my plan the other day at my web hosting provider. Not too painful, $10.00 more a month. As the cam gets more popular it puts more of a load on the web server. I was reaching the limit of 16 minutes per day of CPU time.

        The average daily traffic is almost 6 Gigabytes per d

      • Flakyness
        The truck cam has been crashing regularly today. Kinda acting like the laptop is overheating. Time to blow the dust out again.

        Speaking of being flaky, I called up Universal Radio to see if my new ham rig had shipped yet, as they hadn't charged my card yet. They said they were out of

      • Motorcycle Headache
        They estimated he was doing about 120 MPH when he rear-ended the Yellow Freight truck. The truck driver thought he had been rear-ended by another truck.

        If you got the email I forwarded yesterday, it was wrong. The helmet didn't help, he's dead.

      • Conspicuity
        Trucks are required to have red & white reflective tape on the sides & rear of a semi trailer and 3 identification lights and 2 marker lights (amber in front, red in rear) on each end of a tractor-trailer. There is also a white 'picture frame' reflective tape on the top rear corner

      • It's on it's way!
        I received my tax refund yesterday. :D It's already gone. :o

        I finally ordered my new radio from Universal Radio!

        Check this out:
        Kenwood TS-480HX 160-6M Transceiver
        SO-3 High

      • The Wiener That Got Stuck
        OK, get your minds out of the gutter :wink: and click on THIS!
        Gotta love the writer's choice of words. :P

        If you still have some time to waste, this guy is amazing! :shock:8) (Thanks, Bucky)

      • February Hometime
        I'll be getting back to Fontana sometime on the 22nd. Hitting the road again on March 2nd.

      • Songs
        My favorite song right now:

        Don't take it too seriously, I'll still be on the road for a little while.

        This guy is pretty good.

      • Banjokes
        The Canonical List of Banjo Jokes

        What's the best thing to play on a banjo?
        A flame-thrower.

        Where do banjo players play best?
        In traffic.

        How is playing the banjo a lot like throwing a javelin blindfolded?
        You don't have to be very good to g

      • Rolling
        When the say 'Keep on rolling', They don't mean rolling over

      • What planet is this?
        Typical winter day in Wyoming.

      • Sweet! (Radio Active)
        Just e-filed my taxes. Getting a fat refund! :mrgreen: It'll more than put me over the top for my Kenwood TS-480HX (and all the cool options)fund. I'll be hamming it up on HF in no time! 8)8)

      • (Another) Meet & Greet
        Made a stop in Boise, ID last night. Jesse KC7SIK came up and said high, he's a fan af the camera. :mrgreen: Jesse is the ham who showed me how to put the automatically updating map below the camera display. :D:D It's always great when I get emails, or even better, get to meet people who l

      • Nucking Futs

        Rough day on I-84 in Utah

    • January
      • The Great White North
        I started my shift in Fargo, ND last night and proceeded to take state highways through the darkest depths of Minnesota. Drove through Brainerd, where the giant statue of Paul Bunyan is. Couldn't see it though, would have been cool to get a picture of it. Of course that would have meant getting

      • Chain Up
        I just had the coldest, wettest, dirtiest, unnecessary, frustrating experience of my life. All so I could drive 8 miles down Cabbage Hill (aka Deadman Pass) & undo it all. It's called Chaining Up, and it should never be done to a truck. It is only done when DOT says you have to.

      • Ice Rink
        The other night was pretty rough in Wyoming. High winds (of course!) and ice everywhere. They say you can't drive on ice. If you are one of the few drivers who can keep his foot off the brake & throttle, you can get away with something that can't be done. If you have the discipline to

      • Ice Skating
        I've been parked in the left lane of WY I-80W, mm196 for almost two hours while a jackknifed truck is cleared. Wyoming is an ice rink tonight. :shock: I'm not far behind the wreck, so it's probably one of the trucks that passed me. :roll:

      • Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!
        This is what happens when a jostler (aka yard goat) goes around a corner way too fast. I've never heard of one rolling over before. :roll:

        Jostlers are small, fast, very maneuverable tractors used to move trailers around a truck yard. They have a hydraulic fifth wheel so the driver

      • Zap!
        My 1500 watt inverter just died. I have a 400 watt backup inverter to run the computers, but it's not big enough to handle the microwave, toaster, rice cooker, or George Foreman grill. Bummer. :(

      • Giddy
        14 years ago tonight I had my first date with Jennifer.

        We had some excellent pizza at Bruno's on a double date with Bo & Tanya, then played miniature golf at Family Fun Center. Neither of us had much experience in the dating world, we didn't know what to expect. We did know

      • Important Fuel Update:
        Message on the Qualcomm:

        "Effective immediately, CRST has shut off all authorized fuel stops in the state of Georgia. In spite of a slight drop in prices around the country, Georgia has been consistently 10 cents over surrounding states much of which is due to their tax structure. It

      • High Value Procedures
        These are the rules we have to follow when we get a High Value Load. Break the rules and they won't give us high value loads. That could leave us parked while another truck gets a load that we should have taken. :evil:

        1. Do not discuss your load with anyone.
        2. You must have en

      • Not a good place for a picnic...

        Near Lake Shasta, CA

      • Pre-Dawn Raid
        Picking up a load at 0300 in Portland. It's always easier to pick up or deliver in a major city in the late night/early morning hours. Kinda nice to be the only one on the road. Many shippers & consignees are in very truck-unfriendly parts of town, like downtown. Being able to get through n

      • Chargers Rock!
        Need I say more? 8) 8)

        The picture on the right is the San Diego County Administration Building

      • KI6FCI-14
        Sitting here in Portland, OR. My load doesn't pick up till 0300, not unusual for this part of the country.

        When I set things up so that I could be tracked via APRS (Amateur Radio's Automatic Position Reporting System) I didn't know that I was supposed to add the suffix �

      • I know it's cold, but...
        I was sitting outside Detriot, Michagan waiting for my load when I noticed something strange.

        This is a building on fire about 200 yards from me. :shock: :shock:

      • The Ballot Box
        I don't know who I'm going to vote for yet, but Fred Thompson was very impressive in the debate tonight. He sounded the most presidential of all the canidates. I know very little about Ron Paul, but listening to him tonight reminded me of Jimmy Carter.

        This is a T-shirt from Tho

      • Beam me up
        Just a little reminder, folks. The rule is: If you can see another cars headlights or tail lights, you can not use your high beams!

      • Want fries with that?
        Picked up 40,910 Lbs :shock: of Heinz ketchup packaged for Wendy's this afternoon.

      • Stickers
        I finally decorated the side of my truck. The big vinyl sticker is a NOTW (Not Of This World) Flames logo 8) from the Christian store C28. Of course I had to put my ham radio call sign on the side! :mrgreen: Thanks to Chris at Grafiks Advertising & Signs in Poway for making it for me on New Year

      • Head Game
        The blonde mortician asks the deceased's wife how she would like the body dressed. She points out that the man does look good in the black suit he is already wearing.

        The widow, however, says that she always thought her husband looked his best in blue, and that she wants him in a blu

      • The Terry Dance
        Only a few people on the face of the earth have a security clearance high enough to know what the Terry Dance is.:wink: I'm doing it right now. :P I was able to get a new cable to allow both computers to talk to each other. :mrgreen:

        Turns out my co-drivers flight doesn't get in

      • Oh poop!
        I 'fixed' one of my laptops that caught a major virus a few days before I got home. Now I can't get the two computers to see each other on the network. Big problem, but Im working on it.

  • 2007
    • December
      • What I did on my vacation
        My dad's truck needed new brakes.

        The old rotors were very badly ground by the rivets on the worn out pads.

        I had to repack the wheel bearings with grease.

      • Just seemed cool...
        Don't know why, just looked cool on

      • Merry Christmas
        It wasn't easy or legal, but I finally made it home! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

        I even got to play with my neice Rebekah (who you all know I dote over) :D for a few hours while her mom got stuff ready for tomorrow.

        As far as I know I'll be back on the road January 3r

      • Snow Blower
        Brutal day in Wyoming. 40 - 60 MPH cross winds.

      • The Wagon
        It was the day after Christmas at a church in San Francisco. The pastor of the church was looking over the cradle when he noticed that the baby Jesus was missing from among the figures of the nativity set. Immediately he turned and went outside and saw a little boy with a red wagon, and in the wago

      • QSL Card
        Right after I finished fueling this morning in Maryland I was heading into the truck stop to fill my mug with soda. No luck, their ice machine was broken. (Not surprising, it was a TA truck stop. :roll: ) Before I got to the door I hear somebody yell Hey CRST! I turned around and Dave KB3EJW walked

      • Homeward Bound
        My new co-driver was right out of training when he got on the truck. He still had his temporary (paper print out) license, as his hard copy had not arrived in the mail. It expired. Even though he he has a valid license, he can't drive the truck because he dosen't have a copy of it in his p

      • I almost forgot what it looked like....
        I can see the sun!! :mrgreen:

        Really, I can!!

        I honestly don't know how long it's been. :shock::roll: It's time to go home for a while.

      • Hungry?

        Lutefisk! The Wisconsin Employees' right to know law regarding toxic substances specifically exempts Lutefisk (Wisc. Stat. 101.58(2)(j)(2)(f))

        I'll pass on the lutefisk, but the lefse is good.

        It was -4F when I took this! :shock:

      • Adjusting My Meds
        A CDL is worthless without a valid Medical Certificate. Truck drivers get a physical every two years to renew their certificate. Sometimes there are problems. On my last physical my blood pressure was higher than allowed. They gave me a temporary certificate and I had to return in 3 months for a ret

      • Left & Right
        My new co-driver is working out great. He sees things a little more left than I see them. I see things a little more right than he does. We have enough mutual respect for each other to make things work. Makes for some interesting conversations, though.

      • Bored
        I'm sitting in Sparks, Nevada. Waiting for a load out. Thought I'd post my favorite picture of my brothers, Larry & Charley, and I. Kinda looks like a few mafioso's ready to bust somebody. It was taken at Larry's wedding.

      • Brutal
        Friday was a rough day in Wyoming. This is a truck on it's side.

        I went through 5 gallons of windshield washer/deicer fluid.

      • Truck Bounce!
        Came thru Wyoming yesterday. Everything was a pain in the butt, but passable till the end. Around mm (Mile Marker) 29 everything all went south. Trucks going everywhere but straight. Huge mess!

        If you are in front of me, please do not slam on your brakes in the snow. You know, if you foll

      • That is so wrong!
        Just stopped for fuel & food at the very snowy Cheyenne, Wyoming Sapp Bros truck stop. For some unexplainable reason they used Italian sausage instead of breakfast sausage on their Egg, sausage, green chile & cheese burrito. One can only ask...WHY!!! :roll::P

      • SNOW!!!!!
        I'm sitting here in Balcamp, MD. We arrived 24 hours early. Most cons (consignees) love to have you show up early, some have very set schedules that can't be changed. This is one of those other types... They will unload me when they have a gap in their schedule. Yes, it is a major pain in

      • November Stats
        Looks like Sweden likes the cam!

        Hi to SM7WDL, SM7YGW, SM3LBN, SM7YGZ, SM3KOR & everybody else in Snowy Sweden!

    • November
      • HOS (Hours Of Service)
        There are a lot of 'truckstop lawyers' :roll: who will tell you things about the HOS (Hours Of Service) regulations that will get you in a lot of trouble. The DOT (Department Of Transportation) takes HOS very seriously.

        We are allowed to be on duty 70 hours over the previous 8 d

      • Christmas List
        I was just asked what I want for Christmas. Hmmm.... A winning lottery ticket would be nice! :P So would a house or new car. :mrgreen:


        Something from my wish list

        Or if you are feeling really generous:

        Kenwood TS-480HX
        Kenwood TH-D7AG
      • Across the pond
        Got a few emails this morning from some fellow amateur radio operators who like the camera. Lars SM3KOR in Sweden & Philip HB9HFD in Switzerland.

        Ronald SM7WDL sent me a message via APRS. This his website: I wish I could read Swedish!

        I just got an APRS messa

      • Ummmm....I don't know either

      • Amazon
        Just discovered Amazon Friends on Kinda fun to play with. I'm a huge fan of I signed up for their $79 per year Prime membership; unlimited 2nd day shipping for me plus four family members. With as much as I like to read, it's an awesome deal. :mrgreen:


      • Faster! Faster!! Faster!!!
        I'm going to up the image upload rate to every 20 seconds instead of every 30. Let's see what happens..:D


        There are different speeds that I can connect to the internet at. Old school 1X, EVDO & EVDO Revision A. It all depends on what system is installed in

      • How many in back?
        I went through a Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas the other night. The agent climbed up the steps on my fuel tank to ask a few standard questions. One of them was "How many people do you have in back?" I answered "Just one, my co-driver" As I was leaving it dawned on me that he

      • Road Food
        It's really hard to eat a reasonable diet on the road. There are an awful lot of OTR drivers who exist on nothing but batter dipped, deep fried, truckstop garbage. With about 100Lbs I need to get rid of, I can't be that lazy about what I eat. I'm a candidate for Lap-Band surgery, we&#

      • Sixty Miles
        He made it!!
        :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: 8)8) :mrgreen::mrgreen: 8)8) :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

        I don't have many details yet, as he is currently collapsed in bed utterly unconscious, but Cow Boss Jimmy just finished the 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer!! He has the blisters to pr

      • The Snowman Cometh...
        Drove across Wyoming last night. Will be one of the last times this year without snow. During a winter storm several trucks a day roll over in Wyoming. :? Hopefully I won't be one of them! :shock:

        Had a close call with a rather large deer last night north of SLC. It missed damaging

      • Fixin' Stuff
        Sitting in Oak Grove, MO. The shipper canceled the load we were going to pick up at 1100. We're picking up a load from the same shipper going to Blythe, CA at 1900.

        RT was wondering what was going on with the map. I installed Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008, the program I use for

      • Swim Time
        I just dropped a load in Lakeland, FL.
        Maybe I can find a freshwater lake to go swimming in. :shock::shock:

        My new co-driver is working out great. He's just out of training so he still has lots to learn, but he seems to be picking things up pretty quick. :)

        Normally I

        If your laptop starts flaking out, suddenly turning off without a warning, beep, or even a blink, Make sure the battery is firmly latched in place!
        If one of the latches vibrates halfway loose, it will give you nothing but trouble! :evil:

        Oh yeah, by the way, the camera works now. :m

      • Headin' East
        Heading for Florida with my new co-driver, Chris. So far he seems reasonably mentally stable. :P :wink:

        Having a strange problem with the truck cam computer, still working on it. :?

      • Mr House
        I was hangin' out with my old 5th grade teacher the other day. I bet I'm not the only student he's had a lasting effect on.

    • October
      • Babysitting
        How do you not dote over Rebekah?

        Click here for more pictures

      • Slobber Bazooka
        Six-year-olds love it when you untie a balloon, inhale the helium, and say your ABC's like Donald Duck! :P They also love it when you blow up that balloon and let it fly around the room! One problem...after you blow up the balloon a few times it becomes filled with the blower-upper's slobb

      • SoCal GTG
        Like the group in Phoenix, we have a WidowNet get-together once a month in Southern California. We meet somewhere at noon on a Saturday for lunch & conversation....and to razz Ray about his 'Alleged Harley' :wink: (we've never seen it) It's all in fun, Ray's a good-natur

      • Going Home (Almost)
        The shipper for the load in Modesto that would have gotten us home early this morning rescheduled. CRST forgot to tell us. :roll: They gave us a load that picks up in Minden, NV, just south of Reno. CRST didn't send it to us on the Qualcomm. :roll: We show up in Modesto when we should be headin

      • Going Home
        Dropping a load in South San Francisco. Then Modesto to Rancho Cucamonga. Then home! :mrgreen:8):mrgreen:

        Good thing Anthus stopped at a casino in New Mexico last night. :roll: Really helps me get home. :evil:

        One more day with this loser...

      • FIRE!!
        Looks like San Diego County is on fire again. :shock: :o

        I put dots where I, my parents & brothers live.
        News 8

        Please pray for us.

      • Not raining yet
        Sitting in OKC right now. It looks like there is a major thunderstorm brewing a little west of here. I couldn't quite tell from the NWS (National Weather Service) radar if it's coming my way. Just to be on the safe side I folded down my Comet CSB-7900 & yanked the whip off (can't

      • Phoenix GTG
        If you know me, been reading for a while, or have seen the link on the right, then you know that I'm a member of WidowNet, an online support group for widows & widowers. There's a group of WN'ers that get together once a month in Fenix, AZ. I was finally able to make it to their l

      • Smooth Ride
        Drove 600 miles from the I-10/I-20 split in Texas to Fenix, AZ last night. After getting my teeth pounded loose from making WAY too many runs in the northeast over the last few weeks, it was really nice to enjoy some smooth Texas highway! 8) As beautiful as the Appalachian Mountains are, it was a ni

      • Refreshed
        Sitting in our Carlisle, PA yard. I'm taking a hazmat refresher course this morning. Then we're headed for Dallas.

        This is the 5th time I've been here since getting out of truck 5306, the first time while the office was open. I'll finally be able to find out if any of

      • Take a deep breath...
        ...and slowly count to ten...

        A few hours ago I woke up to the sight of a State Trooper stopping traffic on the road outside of the State University of New York at Albany. I promised my dispatcher I wouldn't kill Anthus.
        Only eight more days...

      • New Yuck City
        I'm getting half a load unloaded right now in New York Pity. Home of the worst roads in the country. The second half of this is going up to Albany.

        I've got enough hazmat placards to make this trailer look like a Christmas tree! :shock:
        3990 Lbs of 29% Ammonia Solution,
      • Power Issues - Still
        Just a reminder....

        The power supply for the laptop that runs the truck cam self-destructed last week. The computer itself is ok, I just can't keep them both powered on one supply.

      • Hey Teach!
        Everybody has their favorite teachers from years past. Mine was Mr House, my 5th grade teacher - Class of '80.
        Even though I'm 38 years old, he's still 'Mr House' to me. I guess that shows the (well deserved) respect we have for teachers in our society. If I got everyt

      • OTR Safety Trainer
        Friday was 2 years from my hire date. Now I'm qualified to become an OTR (Over The Road) Safety Trainer. I won't be doing classes or anything like that. Rather, I'd be one of the 'go-to guys' out on the road. If a driver had a question about logging, hazmat, hours of servic

      • 8 Trucks
        Hangin' out in Columbus, OH. I just counted 8 CRST trucks in this little Pilot truck stop. That's not a good sign when you're looking for a load out. I have a local run in the morning, don't know after that.

        I'm kinda afraid to open the doors right now. The yellow

      • New Software
        I just updated the blog software to SimplePHPBlog 0.5.1
        Seems to be working ok.

        Edited to add:
        This new version of the software has some really neat behind-the-scenes improvements. Very cool! :mrgreen: 8)

      • My Rant (Terry's 95 Theses)
        Finally picked up our snow chains last night. That was fun. Truck chains weigh about 70 Lbs a set. I had to dig through a pile of filthy, rusty chains and pull out 8 sets. Then untangle them, check for broken links, then hang them on the truck's chain racks. Once again my co-driver proved to me

      • Power Issues
        Early this morning one of my laptop power supplies fried. :( I'm switching the surviving supply between the two. I'd MacGyver up a cable to run them both, but it's not powerful enough.

        The cam is going to be kinda hit or miss until I can get a replacement.

      • Upgrade
        I just upgraded the truck cam page with a live map. It should automatically update my position. 8)

        Thanks Jesse KC7SIK for the link for the code to do this. :mrgreen:

      • Static Discharge
        There was a major thunderstorm chasing me across Nebraska last night. I was kinda worried the Antennasaurus was going to get hit! :shock:

        This picture was captured by the truck cam at 0314 Pacific, 0514 local, long before the sun came up. (it's still dark now)

        Cow Bo

      • Let's go camping!
        Like my new trailer? I can drive really fast while I tow it!

      • Temporary Technical Difficullties
        My Kenwood TM-D700A doesn't transmit right now. It thinks it's transmitting, but nothing. The final amplifier isn't keying up. I haven't opened it up yet to figure out why. I'm hoping that it's just a connector that has vibrated loose. The antenna checks out on my analy

    • September
      • Cover me, I'm going in!!
        New York City
        The country's least truck-friendly city :shock::?:shock:

        I'm not too worried about this run. I hate to be able to say it, but I'm familiar with this route. Been there, done that. I was lucky enough to find an old-timer before the first time I had to go in

      • Missed a spot (Space Weather)
        Unless you're trying to make long distance (DX) radio contacts, you probably had no idea that there hasn't been a single sunspot in 3 weeks! We are currently at the bottom of the 11 year sunspot cycle. The electromagnetic activity in the ionosphere caused by sunspots affects the worldwide

      • I wish this was funny
        I'm going to be on hometime Oct 24th-30th. If my current co-driver doesn't clean up his act by then, I'll be finding a new one.

        I didn't know it was possible to have such a profound lack of work ethic. I have absolutly no idea how Anthus has ever held a job in his life

      • But I thought you checked...
        This is what happens when you don't get the trailer properly hooked. They used 3 forklifts to pick up the front of the trailer.

      • The dirtiest clean joke I know
        A Ensign walks into a seedy cafe in a small town in West Texas. He sits at the counter and notices a Chief with his arms folded staring blankly at a bowl of chili. After fifteen minutes of just sitting there staring at it, the Ensign bravely asks, "If you ain't gonna eat that, mind if I do

      • More Reefer Madness

      • Ya Think?

        Speaks for itself...

      • Lake Wobegone
        Every form of art has it's master. When it comes to storytelling (fiction, not lying) Garrison Kellior has no equal. I have always liked listening to The Prairie Home Companion. Like any other time when I have the radio on, I listen while working on other stuff.

        The exception to this

      • You shoulda seen the other guy!
        This was the best pic I got. A UPS truck apparently pulled in front of this truck on I-40 between Vega & Adrian, TX. The UPS tractor & front trailer burned to the ground. Look closely, the trailer is missing it's tandems (axles). Both drivers were sent to the hospital.

      • But EVERYBODY knew...
        If you have a truck driver in your family, never assume they know what's going on back home. If somebody doesn't tell them about an event, like a party, that everybody knows about, they don't know. Even if they are aware of the event, they probably don't know the details, like wh

      • Incommunicado
        CRST doesn't own enough Qualcomm terminals for all of it's trucks. We had to give ours to another truck friday when we went home. :roll::roll: We won't be able to get another one till we get to our OKC yard.

      • Antenna Farm
        Anthus & I were supposed to hit the road again today. He was rear-ended in his car. He spent the day working on insurance issues to get his car fixed. It's always something with him...I almost unloaded his junk from the truck & started looking for a new co. If I kick him off the truck i

      • Cellular Antenna
        This is an example of the marketing dept. running amok. The large plastic housing is supposed to look like a CB (Chicken Band) antenna loading coil. It is essentialy empty. Fake. I removed it to reduce the wind loading of the antenna. This is the antenna that transmits the camera images.

      • But I'm having fun!
        Rebekah wasn't too happy when dad said she had to go to her class Sunday morning.

      • Weekend off
        I'm going to be home this weekend. Hitting the road again Monday. I had to get a DOT physical in Washington today to renew my medical certificate. The company paid for it.

        This is what happens when your co-driver cuts the wheel too early. He scraped the trailer along this truck'

      • I don't know where I'm going
        People are always telling me where to go, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm picking up a load from Con-Way in the morning. It's a standby load, so I don't know where it's headed yet. For whatever reason CRST always spells it Conway, one word, on the Qualcomm messages. On the

      • This is getting old
        I don't know what my co-driver Anthus did last night, but it didn't include very much driving. it took him 14 hours to do 9 hours of driving. 577 miles across Nebraska in the middle of the night with no fuel stops. :roll:

        We are going to be late because of him, again. :evil:
      • CAT
        I'm now a Chain Approved Team. Normally CRST doesn't want drivers to chain up. If conditions are bad enough to need chains they would rather have us shut down. We carry chains in the winter because some states require that you have them with you. Also, if the Highway Patrol wants us to mov

      • Eating ravioli...
        ...while they weld the bumper back on this trailer. Picked up a load in Bordentown, NJ that delivers Tuesday morning in Salem, MA. (Holidays are usally problems for truckers, everybody's closed) While doing a walk around on the trailer I noticed a little problem. :?

        The driver that d

    • August
      • Oh happy day...!!!!
        I finally got my truck back! :mrgreen: They had to replace all 6 injectors. Got a load out to Whittier, CA to run sea trials.

        Rebekah is going to be a big sister!!
        (that means I get to be an unc

      • Still stuck
        CRST couldn't figure out why my engine was misfireing. So we took it to the Freightliner dealer. Freightliner couldn't figure it out, so they sent it to Detroit Diesel.

      • Stuck
        I just dropped my truck off at OKC Freightliner. They might be able to get to it tonight.

        My co-driver has 6 pairs of shoes in the truck. Whatever.:roll:

      • Not a truck driver
        We tried to get a picture of my niece Rebekah sitting in the drivers seat when I was home last week. She was afraid of the truck, this is as close as mom could get her.

      • Radios
        I installed my radios on a clear piece of plexiglas. This makes them easy removeable. The box on the top right tunes my new High Sierra Sidekick antenna. The blank spot on the left is reserved for a Kenwood TS-480HX control head.

        The wire loom isn't really that bright. It actually lo

      • On the road again......NOT!
        Hit the road again the other day. Didn't get too far when I realized my engine had issues. Now I'm in CRST's Oklahoma City terminal for repairs to the fuel system. Aarrrggg...:evil:

        I'm having some computer issues too. I think I left a very important cable at home.:O M

      • You're in my spot

      • Meet & Greet
        Just said hi to John (I think that was his name) who drives for CFI. He was chaseing me down the Kansas Turnpike while his wife was back home tracking me on the internet. He came up and said hi when I stopped at a service plaza to grab some toll $$ He thinks the camera is cool! 8)8) It's nice t

      • Ham Radio
        "You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."<

      • Homeward Bound
        Dropping a load in Kansas City, KS, picking one up in Topeka, KS & relaying it to Liberty, MO. After that we are going home! :mrgreen:8):mrgreen:

        I just found out my 'Secure Parking Request' has been approved. That means I can take the truck home. Gotta pimp my ride! 8)

      • Hmmm....
        I guess this code has caused problems for other bloggers who posted it. It seems to be the 'unlock code' that allows HD-DVDs & Blu-Ray DVDs to be copied.


        Let's see what happens....:twisted:

      • Busy
        Not much lately to post about, not much time to post it either. We've been running all over the country making money. :mrgreen: My 401k gets fatter with every mile these wheels roll!

        Little 'problem' with 5306 though... We took what we needed for hometime and left it in eva

    • July
      • The Road Awards
        Time to hand out a few awards here...

        The freeway pattern through every city is different. Some good, some not so good. Here's my opinion of the rundown:

        Most Attractive Landscaping Award: Fenix, AZ. Using xeriscape techniques like gravel bedding & well groomed native

      • Chocolate Rain
        A friend of mine posted this video: Chocolate Rain on his blog: The Busy Pixel just for me. I think he knows me too well! :P:P

      • So close, but yet so far...
        Stopped in Missoula, MT to pick up my stuff from 5306. Still need to uninstall my inverter, microwave & a few other things. Most Freightliner dealers are open 24/7. Not this one. They kicked us out at 1730 when they closed.

        We should have had plenty of time. We picked up a load at two

      • Drive-By GTG #5

        Was able to have another Drive-By GTG (Get ToGether) in Missoula, MT today. (after Freightliner kicked us out) Laine, Allen & I are members of WidowNet, an on-line support group for widows & widowers. It's not easy to pull off because they are almost always last minute deals, but

      • 6718 Update
        This truck is awesome! Rides like a Caddy (well, almost), the engine is much quieter & smoother than the other trucks I've driven & it shifts as smoothly as a hot knife goes through butter. (really makes a difference when you have 10 gears :shock: to go through!) Only one minor problem

      • No Camera
        Sorry, but I won't have the camera up until I retrive the hardware from 5306. Every once in in a while I can hook it up and refresh the image. I can't run both compurers at the same time for more than a few minutes. Can't keep both charged. Also having trouble getting them networked w

      • That New Truck Smell
        Just picked up my new truck!!
        :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 8) 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        I'm in 6718 now. A shiny new '07 Freightliner Columbia! :mrgreen: 8) :mrgreen:
        Tilt steering, never smoked in, clean & a working transmi

      • Happy Birthday!
        Rebekah had her first birthday party today. I think she had a good time. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

        I'm hitting the road again tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get the cam back up. My truck is still in Missoula, MT.

      • KI6FCI /AE
        I just took the exam to upgrade my ham radio license to Extra class.

        I PASSED!!

        :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D :D 8) :D :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        The test was harder than I expected, but they said I passed easily. I use /AE

      • Hangin' out with Rebekah

      • Dad
        Some guys never had the luxury of a good example to follow when growing up. I'm lucky that I did. My dad isn't the preacher type, he simply leads by quiet example. Ideas like integrity, reliability, trustworthiness, and respect weren't thrown at me. They were modeled in everyday life

      • Home
        I finally made it home!!

        It's been a long weekend getting here. The only thing I have to do now is relax & prep for my Amateur Extra exam :shock: on the 14th.

        You can't imagine how many alarms, lights & buzzers go off at once :shock::shock: when something like

      • Check the oil
        This is what happens when maintenence services a truck and doesn't check the transmission oil. The reason the gears are blue is beacause that's what happens to hardened steel when it glows red hot. The blue gear in the center finally softened enough that a few teeth let go causing the gear

      • Houston, we've had a problem...
        Just blew my transmission in Montana. :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:

      • Only in Montana
        This guy PASSED me on I-90 in Billings, MT.

      • Flat tire
        Anybody want to come by and say hi? I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere in Montana (is that redundant?):P, I-94 x148 with a flat trailer tire. Maintenance said 'Rolling Rubber Factory' road service should be here in 45 min.

      • Behind the scenes
        This is how the truck cam works. Top left is the program that manages the wireless internet connection. The task manager on the right shows me traffic over the connection so I know that it's working. Each blip (looks like an EKG) is one image going out from the camera. It flatlines if I lose th

    • June
      • Today is the last day of my life...
        ...that I'll be 37 years old. :P

        Isn't there a song about being free as a bird?

      • Upgrade?
        Trying out the latest version, simplePHPblog 0.9.4, of the blog software.

      • Mail Call
        Cool mail box in Denver area:

      • This place is da bomb!
        Stopped to switch drivers in Baker, CA, home of the World's Tallest Thermometer.8) Truckers are always looking for good places to stop.

        The Valero gas station/C-store (right next to Coco's) in Baker is a great place. It looks like a rat hole on the outside because it's bein

      • Hot time in the old town tonight
        I'm back at our Fontana yard for some very high priority repairs. My air conditioner failed again :evil: Thursday in Kansas City, KS. They were going to have me take it to a Freightliner dealer in Salt Lake City Friday after we dropped the load there to get fixed. If you're in SLC on Frida

      • 40 Miles
        My co-driver, Anthus, is usually a pretty good driver and he's an easy guy to get along with. He does have some challenges, though. He asked me how to rewind a DVD before putting it away. Twice. He couldn't figure out how to adjust the volume on the truck radio. It's that big knob on

      • I knew better...
        Do NOT buy TORTILLAS in KANSAS!

      • Oh,Hail!!
        Drove through a hail storm in Nebraska (The Lucky State :roll:) that cracked my right windshield in two places that I've found so far. :shock:

        It was in the upper 80s all day today. About the time the sun came up my air conditioner quit working, again. The CRST brain trust just can&#

      • Thinking Cap
        I'm sitting here in Louisville, KY waiting for the consignee to open so I can deliver 44,000 Lbs of empty Freon 134A cylinders. One of the things I do to pass the time is study for the test to upgrade my Amateur Radio license, KI6FCI, to Amateur Extra, the highest class license. I need 37 out o

      • Rolling Road Pancakes
        Just made a nice pancake breakfast at 60 MPH on I-90. :mrgreen: Don't worry, I wasn't driving. I just perfected the 'recipe' for Rolling Road Pancakes. I use flour tortillas, which are a good thing to have on the road. They stay fresh longer than bread, don't get squished, a

      • Pucker Factor 10
        One of the limitations of being a company driver is only being able to use approved fuel stops. Sometimes they are a little further apart than you'd like. :? Take a close look at the fuel guage in the top right. :shock::shock:

      • Let's see if it works this time...
        I'm finally getting my truck back! :mrgreen: I just spent about 5 hours :shock: moving back into 5306. Got my ham radio set up with the new antenna bracket, the old one was destroyed by the dingleberry :roll: who backed into me. I've got to download a 163 MB :shock: driver for my HP printe

      • No pot of gold
        Drove through Greensburg, KS where they had the huge tornado a few weeks ago. The news reports were right, the town really was wiped off the map. Driving down the main drag right through the middle of town you expect to see the road lined with homes & businesses. Nothing but piles of debris. One

      • New old co-driver
        You may have noticed that I've been stuck running around LA for the last few days. My co-driver found a local job & quit. My old co-driver, Anthus, just happened to be available today.

        I'm more than ready to get out of this city. The traffic here is enough to make my good na

      • Arrgghh.....
        The Truck Cam software is giving me fits. I'll get it working ASAP.

      • Oops...
        Don't hit trees

      • No reason needed...
        Don't need a reason to post a picture of Rebekah. Any time is a good time! :mrgreen::D:mrgreen:

        Yes, that is me. (You might not recognize me without my boonie hat with my ham call sign embroidered (Beeds Embroidery in Poway, CA) on the front)

      • Work Furlough Program
        10.5 weeks

        That's way too long to be out at one time. We screwed up and never remembered to put in out hometime request. Our dispatcher is booked solid till July! We convinced him to let us be laid over for the weekend (Jake is the best dispatcher at CRST!) so we could get some stuff

      • MacGyver Lives
        After everything yesterday, too much to list, the camera works again.

        I'm hittin' the bunk!

      • It's enough to make a grown man cry...
        Right after we got everything transfered back to 5306 we found out that the heater core leaked. Leaving 5306 here in Cedar Rapids and heading for Fontana. Going to be home this weekend, then get a load back to CR to pick up 5306.

      • What a Happy Mess!!
        Things are going to be messed up for a little bit. I'm in Cedar Rapids right now getting my truck back!!


      • State of Confusion
        Last night had to be some sort of record:

        Maryland to West Virginia to Virginia to West Virginia to Maryland to Pennsylvania to Maryland to West Virginia to Pennsylvania to West Virginia to Ohio to Indiana. :shock:

        I crossed more borders than a Super Bowl halftime show! :P
      • Thanks for letting me know...
        Found this one in Montana:

      • Splatter
        The lightning bugs are coming out again. I-29 between Kansas City & Omaha is a great place to find those great gobs of glowing green goo on your glass. :P Being from SoCal I had never seen a firefly in real life till about a year ago. On a very dark night on I-29 (the only kind on that stretch o

    • May
      • Uff Da!
        We finally got a load out of Tacoma! We'll be heading east across northern Idaho (no potatoes up there) & watch horses in Montana. Then we'll say hi to the Norskies in Nort Dahkooota & Minasoooota :wink: (whatever you do, don't eat the Lutefisk! The Wisconsin Employees' r

      • The Personality Defect Test
        Thought this was fun:

        The Personality Defect Test

        Your Score: Hand-Raiser
        You are 85% Rational, 57% Extroverted, 0% Brutal, and 14% Arrogant.

        You are the Hand-Raiser, that annoying kid in class who always had an answer for everything. No doubt, as a child you pr

      • Sleeping in Seattle
        Stuck in the Tacoma F'ing J truck stop. Waiting for a load along with 3 other CRST trucks. SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma area) is one of those areas that does not even come close to having enough truck stop capacity to meet the demand.

        Another item for the 'I should never eat this!

      • GPS and APRS Tweaks
        That custom adaptor cable I MacGyver'ed the other day is showing some more benefits. 8) Now that I have a laptop that can handle the load, I've set up APRSPoint software to automatically update my position via the internet connection every 60 seconds. This will work any time I have a useab

      • Where the heck am I?
        The 'Find me' button on the camera page hasn't worked since I got in this loaner truck. It works now. :mrgreen: MacGyver would be proud of me! 8) All it takes is getting laid over a little while near a Fry's Electronics, my little spare MFJ antenna, a soldering iron, some solder,

      • I know you love your truck, but......
        Somewhere in Ohio. This is part of the display in front of a company that makes headstones. Yes, it really is life size! :D

      • Wisconsin Cheese
        Just spent $90.00 in tolls to run a hot load from the Minneapolis area down to near Pittsburgh.

      • Cute With Attitude
        My niece Rebekah is 10 months old with 4 teeth now. Apparently she's as stubborn as the rest of the family, too. :P :wink:
        Cute, huh?

      • A Heavy Subject
        When truck drivers talk about their loads, especially in mountainous parts of the country, they are usually talking about how many thousands of pounds of cargo they have on board. It goes something like this:

        Jethro: Whatcha' got?
        Gomer: 5
        Jethro: Sweet!

      • Taking a walk
        The wife of one of my best friends was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. It's been a rough road for them, but they're doing ok. Jim is going to do the Breast Cancer 3 day walk. If you are so inclined, this is Jim's Donation Page

      • Late Storm
        I ran into a little snow in Wyoming the other day.

      • Acceptance or Denial
        Part of long-haul trucking is living in a truck. Some drivers try to deny this fact by living out of a duffle bag or two, pretending that they are only going to be out for a few days, not several weeks. :roll: Others, like me, accept the fact that we spend much more time living in the truck than we

      • No pictures this time
        Just passed an accident on OK I-40W MM 78. I keep my digital camera handy to take pictures of interesting things I see on the road. When I saw the outline under the white sheet next to the car I put the camera back down. Some things you just don't take pictures of. Say a prayer for the family t

      • Hard time with software
        You've probably noticed that the webcam software has been giving me fits the last few days. It just forgets to upload the images. I downloaded the latest version and I'll install it when I have some time.

      • Under Pressure
        For whatever reason Freightliner didn't put air vents in the back of the cab of my loaner truck (5716). I figured it out when my ears would pop when a window or door was opened while the A/C was on high. I just measured the difference with the altimeter on my watch.(every well-dressed techno-g

    • April
      • Another year
        Well, it's a gloomy, drizzly day here in New Jersey. Not much different then 8 years ago today, April 29th, 1999, the day my wife passed away. Jennifer was 26.

        Doing OK today, just waiting for a load out.

        This is one of my favorite pictures of us:

      • Loaner Truck

        The damage to my truck wasn't nearly as bad as they made it sound on the phone. :) A new windshield & mirror and we were rolling. My dispatcher & I were hoping to put off sending the truck to the body shop till our next hometime. We were overuled. :? So, on our way to New Jersey w

      • Now what...
        My laptop was choking under the combined load of the webcam and it's GPS/Navigation duties. :shock: The CPU utilization was a constant 60-75% It was just too much, it crashed several times a day. I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A205-S4577 with a Duo Core processor to help matters out. I think

      • There has been an incident at the yard...
        I just got off the phone with my dispatcher. The details about the extent of the damage are sketchy right now. He's not even sure exactly what happened. What we do know is that
        :evil: :evil: somebody backed into my truck :evil: :evil:

        while it was parked in the Fontana yard! :ro

      • Home at last!
        I finally made it home! I made up a new banner for the Truck Cam. If you know the story of The Donner Party then you'll get the twisted humor in it. :wink: :P

        I made up a page that lists the hardware & software I use to make this work.

      • Almost home!
        Just got the truck it's 40,000 mile service again. Lube, 11 gallons oil, filters, a new driveres side windshield (again). I think they finally got the air conditioner fixed right. :roll:

        We are scheduled to go home tomorrow but we're hoping we can take off after we make this qui

      • Busy Night
        While I've been sitting here playing with my computer 2 guys selling merchandise of questionable origin :roll:, one homeless guy & three Lot Lizards :shock: have knocked on my door.

        A little note: You may have noticed that I'm careful not to use any language here that might

      • The Big D
        Hangin' out in Dallas, TX. Our load can't be delivered till 0800 tomorrow morning. Finally getting my laundry done. :) It's good that we keep moving, that's how we make money. Every once in a while you need to stop for a while to take care of business.

      • Long trip
        My friend Christina sent me this.
        Try it, you'll like it, everybody's doing it...

        1. Go to
        2. Click on "maps"
        3. Click on "get directions"
        4. Type "New York" in the first box (the "from" box)
        5. Type

      • It's been a long time
        Started this run back on February 27th. On April 19th I'M GOING HOME!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: The camera will be up again April 26th. About 7.5 weeks out. :shock: That's TOO long!

      • Big Storm
        This picture was taken by the truck cam at 0258 in the morning! :shock: :shock: I was on I-55 in southern Missouri. It wasn't the only blinding flash of lightning last night. It was raining so hard I almost couldn't drive.

      • Some pictures...
        ...don't need a smart comment. They speak for themselves. (That's a smart comment, isn't it?) :P

      • Flying high (in a truck)
        Sitting at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport picking up a load of air freight. A significant percentage of domestic cargo shipped by air freight companies never sees the inside of an airplane. It's called diverted air freight. With the time involved in loading & unloading aircraft, a

      • It takes a Toll...
        Some states are well known for being notoriously unfriendly to business. For example, this is from one trip into New York City:

        $30.00 Goethals Bridge
        $48.00 Verrazano Narrows Bridge
        $2.65 4.3 miles on the New Jersey Turnpike
        $13.75 I-78 Delaware River Bridge, leaving New J

      • Going to Jamaica, Mon!
        Well, we got rid of the reefer. Now we're going to Jamaica. 8) Jamaica, NY. :wink: That's where JFK airport is. Picking up an air freight load there in the morning for Charlotte, NC. The broker on this load is 'Gimme The Cargo, Ltd' Great name, huh?

        New York City... If

      • Reefer Madness
        We picked up a reefer yesterday morning, got loaded & now we're a mile high! :shock: :shock:

        A reefer is a refrigerated trailer. CRST only carries dry freight, not refrigerated. For whatever reason they had us pick up a brand new reefer, pick up a load with it, drop the load in D

      • Going to Disneyland! (Too cute not to post)
        Nothing to do with trucking, but I couldn't help it. This is my niece Rebekah on a recent trip to Disneyland.
        :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: 8) :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:

    • March
      • My new ride
        Hung out for a little while at the Mother Ship, CRST headquarters in Cedar Rapids, IA. Used my one year safe driver coupon, worth $120 at the company store, to get a bunch of shirts to replace my ratty ones, a pair of CRST bibs for Rebekah (really cute) :D, and a ***** as a gift for ***** who collec

      • Biscuit Bliss (The Joy of Yeast)
        Truck drivers can usually find good food on the road. If you ever find yourself in New Johnsonville, TN on US-70 during the day you must stop at the shell station! It's not a real truck stop, it just has a big dirt lot next to it. Good place to take a bio-break. :shock: I bought a corndog and s

      • Anatomy of a cross-country trip...
        Picked this load up at 1745 (Local) 03/26/07

        I spent all day driving around delivering our last load and picking up this one: 96 miles
        Ontario, CA - Gallup, NM 608.1 Miles - Mike
        Gallup, NM - Weatherford, OK 614.7 Miles - Me
        Weatherford, OK - Jackson, TN 623.2 Miles - Mike<

      • Nothing to do with trucking...
        I just thought this was funny:

        A lot of Christians are kind of afraid to laugh at 'God jokes'. Maybe we're afraid of being struck by lightning. :shock: I think this one is free of static discharges. :wink:

      • Quick update
        I'm sitting in our Fontana yard right now. I've got a city-work load Monday morning. Kinda hard to get a load out on a weekend, even in the LA area. The new co-driver is working out great. He actually knows how to drive a truck & even has a sense of humor. :P He's very easy to get

      • Can I get some sausage with that, too?
        Yes, this is Wisconsin! :D

      • Happy Tower
        Adair, Iowa. I had to adjust this picture in Photoshop because it was taken at dusk. Other than that, it's totally legit.

        You guys like the new colors for the blog? 8) I couldn't take the pond-scum green :? background any more.

      • Truckers Wisdom
        1. Never do anything sudden in a truck.
        2. Never feel lost in an unfamiliar city. You are. Get used to it.
        3. Never drive into a situation you can't drive yourself out of.
        4. A soft shoulder IS something to cry on, if you let your wheels drift onto it & get pulled over onto y

      • The new new dispatcher (what the heck!?)
        Well, my new dispatcher is Jake, not Kimberley. She's new and they didn't want to overwhelm her with all of Ernie's trucks. Still, everything I said in my last post is true.

        With one major exception...

        All of my contact with Kimberley was great. Can't say th

      • New Era
        Today Kimberly officialy takes over as my dispatcher from Ernie. Ernie sent out a message saying that he would no longer be a Fleet Manager & would be moving to 3rd shift dispatch to attend to some personal issues. Hope everything's ok, it didn't sound like he's going to be workin

      • Drive-By GTG
        Just had a nice dinner with Jan & Charlie in Kansas City, MO :mrgreen:
        sorry, it's a little blurry

        Jan, Charlie & I are members of WidowNet, an online support group for widows & widowers. My wife, Jennifer, passed away in April '99. WidowNet is a unique, close k

      • I would not really do it...
        ...but has anyone seen what they did to a cement truck on Mythbusters?
        :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ....... :shock:

      • Classified Information
        Picked up a load of (Undisclosed Cargo) at (Undisclosed Shipper) in (Undisclosed Location) and took it on a quick 500 mile overnight run to (Undisclosed Consignee) in (Undisclosed Location).

        This was a very high security load. We're talking High Value Procedures on steroids. The shi

      • Truck Stop Fun
        The woman standing next to the white truck is a 'Lot Lizard', I think you know what her profession is. The 'Person' in the gold car brought her to the truckstop.
        She didn't get into this truck, so I blurred out the company name.

        I have to word this very

      • Maybe this load was not well thought out?
        I'm heading toward Texas now.
        My new co-driver has the same last name as NASA's recently-infamous astronaut,
        I'm carrying 19,931 Lbs of adult diapers!

        :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

        If I suddenly veer off towards Florida, there might be somethi

      • It seemed like a good idea...
        I took this at a shipper in Ontario, CA. Maybe OSHA shouldn't see a picture of six guys riding on a forklift.

      • At the car wash...
        Pulled into the Truck-O-Mat in Walcott, IA for a Truck-O-Bath. $55.99 paid by CRST, of course. CRST only pays for one wash every two months. I'm up again 5/1/07. I wish I could wash this thing a little more often. A lot of drivers just don't care what their truck looks like. I take pride i

      • Partying it up in Des Moines
        Nothing like getting laid over in Des Moines! :roll: We can't deliver this load till 0200 Monday morning. At least we have a nice place to hang out. The Pilot/Bosselman truckstop at I-80 x142 is really nice.

        Not that I've been lazy though...
        I got a short cheap stainless an

      • What the heck is that noise!?!
        On Highway 99 a little south of Fresno last night I came up on a construction zone. The flashing sign said 'Right lane closed: Merge left', so I signal & move over. Cones are set up to shut down the right lane as I get closer to where the construction crews are working.


      • Fill the cup to the line...
        I won this morning's random drug test lottery. I had to drive over to a local lab and give a 'specimen'.:? Nothing to worry about though, I won't even eat a poppy seed muffin. :roll:

        I may have already solved the co-driver delimma. I just talked to a guy from Victorvil

      • Last Chance
        We're sitting at the DMV right now. Anthus has an appointment on the 12th. He's on standby right now, if they have time they'll test him. This is the last day I'm waiting. If he doesn't test & pass today I start looking for a new co-driver. This is costing me money. It&#

      • Should have been...
        Jennie & I should be running up to the North Woods Inn in La Mirada for dinner tonight. That was our tradition. It would have been our 12th anniversary today.

      • Donner Party Head Chef
        There is nothing good about getting stuck at a terminal. One of the less-bad things is being able to bobtail (run without a trailer) to the local grocery store. Bobtailing does not mean you don't have to be as careful. In fact you must be on watch that you don't become complacent and think

      • Peanut Butter Sandwich
        Remember the FDA recall on Peter Pan peanut butter with a product code on the cap beginning with 2111?

        Look what I found in my truck:

        I thought it was just the Chinese food I got off the roach coach. :shock: :shock:

      • Some people are not batting 1000 today
        Picked up 27,000 Lbs of Kashi breakfast cereal this morning and took it out to Kellogg's warehouse. When I opened the first door of the trailer I found one of the pallets had fallen into the other door. It took 15 minutes of stacking to get the other door to open without dumping everything on t

    • February
      • Wasted Day
        Getting ready to do some local runs tomorrow. Sitting in Fontana right now. This was a wasted day. My co-driver had his DMV retest today. I found out this morning that he failed to go to refresher training yesterday. He didn't pass. Doesn't seem like he's taking this very seriously. H

      • Sitting in Fontana
        Just got back from hometime. I want to get going but need a co-driver. Anthus, the one I had for a while needs a retest for his CDL. I'm going to take a gamble & see if he passes. I'm getting over a cold and could another day to get rid of this.

        I thought my co-driver'

      • Learning Curve
        I just installed this blog. I'm still working on the settings & stuff to get it to look the way I want it to. This is an amateur work in progress, so please be patient.

      • Test
        It works!!

        Just installed the blog, trying it out.